Our little camp »Moteloy«

In the local dialect, »Moteloy« means a place ­where little turtles are growing up. In mythology, turtles carry Mother Earth on their back.
Moteloy is also the name of the creek running through the camp. A red and a white brooklet flow into that creek. For us it is a symbol which shows that the forces of the white and the red people can unite in love in order to join ­together a larger stream of healing. We ­understand ourselves as a small part of a network built by people who cooperate to heal the earth and mankind.


»Moteloy« is situated in the middle of the Amazonian jungle, 6 kilometres from the village Tamshyiacu, about 50 ­kilometres from Iquitos. There are no roads to ­Iquitos and Tamshyiacu, people travel on the ­river or use air transport.
What we offer is meant for individuals who seek retreat, spiritual experience and orientation as well as for groups who work on specific themes.
Healing work
Application of medicine, learn the ­methods of the Amazonian healing tradition, ­experience of the jungle through long walks, live in the camp following  the rhythm of nature, get to know the local culture, massage, body exercises, meet the people and visit places. All this can be arranged according to individual needs. The therapeutic work supports the inner work and ensures that the experiences made are integrated in a sustained transformation process.


Water and food are of high quality because they come from a relatively unpolluted area. The water is like a healing extract of the rich plants of the jungle, good for internal as well as for external use.
We offer regional fruit and vegetables, all the seasonal riches of the rain forest, from pineapple and papaya to fruits and food ­unknown in the West.
The food is adapted to the dietetic needs of our guests; there is also the possibility to ­taste typical Peruvian meals.


The lodgings are as comfortable as ­possible in the jungle, but very simple. They ­consist of wooden bungalows with mosquito ­protection. There are wooden beds, foam mattresses, mosquito nets and hammocks – and chamber pots to relieve oneself at night.

The people and their country

Apart from the spiritual work we want to offer our guests the opportunity to get to know Peruvians, their life, their country, their culture. There­fore the packages include visits to other places, also to other spiritual centres like the worldwide known ­centre of Don Agustín or the „Temple of the inner way of light”, to mention just two of the many possibilities offered.