Healing with Mother Earth

Healing our relationships – to ourselves, to other people and to Mother Earth with all her creatures

Love is the driving force in our lives. It wants to relate, to bridge separations, to merge, to ­become one. To experience true love one can do only one thing – to become a truly loving being oneself. In its most distinct form love is the gate to oneness which does not exclude anything around us.
Fear expresses a state of consciousness which is dominated by the illusion of being separated and, therefore, gives room to the expectation of need and isolation. This situation makes us seek for reassurance. We seek to hedge our belongings as well as our love. We attach conditions to exchange, everybody tries to take care of number one and to ensure as much advantages as possible for him- or herself. This is the basis for all dispute, war and destruction in the world.
Unconditional self-acceptance is the key to healing, spirituality and true self-knowledge. The less I have to project my ­negative feelings on others, the closer I come to the healing of my feelings and to recognizing my own true Self, and the closer mankind gets to world peace.
As long as we love in an exclusive way, the excluded will separate us from the essence of existence and prevent us from being complete and whole.
Moments of complete love are a ­worth­while aim; they transform us and in every single one of our cells, they leave the knowledge of what we are meant for at a higher level.
To achieve this aim, the rain forest is an­ ­ideal training ground.