Blick von KuélapThe Chachapoyas lived in the middle of the clouds, in their stronghold Kuélap.

Sacred Journey in Northern Peru  

Experience the Twelve Nights in the mystical North of Peru


25.12.2017 - 6.1.2018

The North of Peru with Kuélap, the city of the cloud (sky?) people situated at approx. 3000m altitude, is considered to be the most important cultural heritage of Peru alongside Machu Picchu. The Chachapoyas lived there from approx. 800 BC until 1500 AC - at its peak, their nation consisted of approx. 500’000 people. The Chachapoyas were excellent builders, magicians and warriors, who knew how to live in harmony with nature. They were said to be unbeatable, and had a very particular appearance: blonde or red hair with blue eyes. Their cult for the dead was unique for Peru at that time - a cult otherwise only known from Germanic and Celtic cultures. 

The Inkas tried to conquer the Chachapoyas, but only achieved partial victories. In the end, the Chachapoyas took up an alliance with the colonists and defeated the Inkas. But they paid a high price for it: the measles and pocks introduced by the colonists wiped out their nation shortly afterwards.


What fascinates me the most with this culture is the fact that they were incredibly advanced, known to be unbeatable, but lost their faith in themselves and the benevolence of their gods in the face of these incurable diseases. They are said to have felt cruelly punished and abandoned by the divine… 

How far does the power of spirit over body truly reach? This consideration is where the collective topics of humanity merge with the individual topics of everyone: what happens with the human consciousness in the face of pain and suffering, that prevents it from recognising its true source and origin in the divine any longer?


The Twelve Nights:

The 12 nights between Christmas and Epiphany are called the “Rauhnächte” in the Celtic and Germanic traditions. These 11 days, respectively 12 nights, were (and still are) considered as sacred days outside of time, a period during which the laws of nature no longer apply and the gates between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead remain open. Thus, this is the perfect time to visit Kuélap, the city of the cloud (sky?) people - maybe the scientists who assume that the Chachapoyas are of celtic origin are actually right…  

During the two weeks of our sacred journey in the North of Peru, we approach Kuélap slowly, as if travelling through time: passing through the different cultural eras of Peru, slowly opening our senses and our understanding to the particularities of the different cultures and the region itself. 

I am very curious to find out which experiences and inspirations the spiritual realm bestows upon us during these magical days and nights. 



Lima - Trujillo - Chiclayo - Cajamarca - Leymebamba - Chachapoyas - Moyobamba - Tarapoto


We fly directly from Lima to Trujillo. After our arrival, we visit the town of Trujillo and in the following days the testimonies of bygone cultures - temples and sacred sites. From Trujillo we travel to Chiclayo, to see the princely burials of Sipàn, and then on to Cajamarca. A 10h bus ride across one of the highest and most breath taking routes of Peru takes us to Leymebamba, and from there to Cachapoyas. 

To deeply connect with the Earth, we explore one of the biggest ritual caves - Quiòta, 534m long and with 7 accessible halls. On the next day, in Kuélap, we are in the clouds, closely connecting with the Sky.

A soothing bath in the hot springs of Moyobamba concludes our journey on the last day. An impressive orchids garden awaits those who wish to visit the surroundings, before we leave Moyobamba to Tarapoto. From there one can either travel by plane to Iquitos, to continue ones stay in Moteloy / Tamshiyaco, or travel by plane to Lima, to return home.


25.12.2017: Flight to Lima
26.12.2017: Trujillo, stroll through town and, if interested, visit Huaca Esmeralda
27.12.2017: Visit Huaca de la Luna
28.12.2017: Visits Huaca Arco Iris and Huaca el Brujo
29.12.2017: Transit to Chiclayo 3-4h, followed by time spent on the beach at Santa Rosa
30.12.2017: Excursion to Sipàn
31.12.2017: Excursion to Batan Grande/ Chota
01.01.2018: Transit from Chota to Cajamarca 5h, stroll through town
02.01.2018: Visit Kuntur Wasi
03.01.2018: Transit from Cajamarca to Leymebamba 10h
04.01.2018: Visit Leymebamba Museum
05.01.2018: Transit from Leymebamba to Chachapoyas 2 1/2h, visit Quiòcta
06.01.2018: Kuélap
07.01.2018: Moyobamba



This journey is primarily offered as a personal, spiritual experience. Individual interests will be respected and included to the extent possible. Nature, the sacred sites and the people we encounter have their own magic and speak their own language. 

We use public transport and the local infrastructure as much as possible, middle-class accommodations have been carefully selected.


The following services are provided by Angelika:

  •  Translation (German, Spanish, English)
  •  Accompanying the individual processes as well as the exchange with the foreign culture and its background
  •  Overall tour guide and logistical coordination


Every one is solely responsible for oneself. Insurances and vaccinations are according to one’s sole discretion. By starting this journey you confirm that you undertake it on your own authority.

Please note that Peru is not the most comfortable country to travel - routes are interesting, but also challenging. Although there are no specific physical prerequisites, a high level of awareness, tolerance and patience is required.

A potential follow-on stay in the Amazonian rainforest, Moteloy, can be booked separately. Please refer to for pictures and further information.


EUR2.200 (single room +EUR400); couples EUR3.800

Included are: transportation within Peru, overnight stays, entry fees and 2 meals a day. 

Not included are: international flights and any liability for possessions or personal discomfort

Follow-on stay in Moteloy: 2 weeks EUR1.500, 3 weeks EUR1.800



Registration is confirmed with a 50% upfront payment and closes on 5.12.2017. The remaining 50% are due the latest by 25.12.2017.