The shamanic diet

In order to learn amazonian shamanism and healing we offer traditional dieting with shamanic teacher plants. Teacher plants of the amazon e. g. would be chiric sanango, wairuro, chullachaqui caspi and motelo sanango just to name some. The term “diet” is a literal translation from the spanish word “dieta”, which means connecting physically and spiritually with a certain plant.

After a physical cleansing Francisco decides in a following ceremony, which plant is the right one for the client/pupil to diet and for what duration.

Single treatment

Francisco and Angelika also offer single treatments. These comprise outlining the current state of being, a shamanic diagnosis, healing work and consultation.

Angelika also offers therapeutic sessions in which she utilizes methods used in the field of transpersonal therapy.


vor der Zeremonie

On most mornings we offer meditations in the camp. Francisco offers meditation in silence, Angelika offers guided meditation and shamanic voyaging.


We also offer different rituals and excercises which helps to connect with the four elements. These can help complete the individual process and are tools in our way of healing.

Jungle excursions

Together with Francisco or another experienced guide, we can explore the jungle by either day or night. This will help you to connect deeper with the energies of the rain forest. Joining a forest hunter on his nightly tour is another highlight, which can be quite adventurous.

Boat rides

Weather allowing, boat rides can also be organized. There we can explore waterways in the jungle starting from the amazon.


With boat or without, there is always someone to go fishing with. Two fishing rods are in the camp waiting to be used.


You can learn special exercises to transform and integrate the spiritual body. You can continue practicing these after you return home.

Baths and hot water treatments

We also offer hot and cold baths with plant extracts and flower blossoms.

Clay, wood, colour and paper – expressing yourself creatively

Expressing your experiences and inspirations from the ceremonies creatively can also be very helpful on the path of healing and transformation. There are different possibilities to do that in the camp. In august 2014 we are offering a wood carving course with an experienced carver.

Pictures of the soul

Soul pictures try to express the essence of a person through form and colour. This can be very helpful for the subconscious mind to implement experiences during the ceremonies. If you wish, you can order one to be made by Angelika

Massage and bodywork

If wished, we also offer massages and different types of bodywork